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for me, depression is not just a state of mind or when you are really sad. Depression is a powerful world that makes people thinks in a lot of different ways. I have my own definition for it. I have been a little bit sad since I got in here but now I see why. Here, there are a lot of people better than me and worse too. Here, I really thought that I could have the life that I want. The thing is: I’m not living the American Dream. For me it’s kind of a fake thing. But let’s go back to depression. Now, I know what is depression. The best way to notice it is being away from people that you really love. For me, depression is a wall. It makes me think about who I was before I get in here. It makes me think about the first impression that I had about people, which can be good or really bad. Depression is just something that avoid you of being yourself. I take it in a really funny way because I try to avoid every single trouble from my mind. But, sometimes, people just don’t have anything else to think about. Yes, I wish I could be loved by someone that I like. That’s would make my life so much better. I may never have it once again, but, perhaps, I might have it another time. But I think that will not happen by now. I’m suffering by what I always had inside of me. The difference is that I had someone to help me and to be with me when I was home. Now, I don’t have it. I am loving to meet new people here but I miss every single person from home. I should ask myself forgiveness for being such a really messy person and don’t express it to anyone. Actually, I really care about everybody. I just don’t show because I don’t know how to react.